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| 06.17.2004

.New pics of 04' SERCA Convention Track Day at Streets of Willow Springs.
.Added my new mods to list (finally!) For those who don't know, I've gone turbo!
.Check out the tutorial section if you need to change your injectors!


| 07.28.2003

.New pics up, a little change in site design
fun little update ;-)


| 12.06.2002

.More new pics will be up soon with
the new mods! Check em out!


| 05.09.2002

.Just moved back to SoCal! Living in
Orange County, so keep an eye out!

.New car pics (05.04.2002) of my ride
Drop me an Email if you're in SoCal!


| 01.28.2002

.No updates in awhile, I have since moved to Hawaii (without my car :( and computer)

.My car is in storage, but looking good, site should be facelifted some time in April soon!

. Please email me with pics of your car and mods, I haven't seen a G20 in 3 months now!


| 09.07.2001

.Added TUTORIALS section

.Got car back from shop, pics coming soon!


| 08.27.2001

Added a bunch of pics in the
Cars section, mostly Primeras

Put up a couple of new links,
My car should be back from the shop soon!


| 08.17.2001

Site Launch
Current features-
. a few pics of my own car
. a links section for G20/Primera sites

Still very much under construction.....
look for more coming in the next few days

If you would like to be added to the links section, or the 'eye candy' cars section, please email me.



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